Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November 28, 2012 Minutes

November 28, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:40 pm

Blowout – Saturday, February 9, 2013
– the business cards are finally in!
– we now have a completed registration form and information form
– Runlet Middle School (Nov 17, 2012) – scouted
– Louden Elementary School (Dec 1, 2012) – plan to be scouted
– there will be three different fairs in Tilton this weekend!
– there are a lot of church fairs this time of year!
– one vender has contacted us so far, SR Custom Jewelry. We REALLY need to contact her back
with the information and registration sheets. However, they are still not on our gmail. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Bell-Ringing – Saturday, December 22, 2012
– for the Salvation Army, outside the Wal-Mart in Concord
– 1-hour slots are open from 10:00am to 8:00pm
– email Ms. Phillips with your name and your slot (
– it’s really fun, so make sure you sign up before all the good slots are gone! (Bundle up, do
it with a friend, coordinate your ringing into a Christmas carol, wear a Santa hat, and/or
bring a thermos of hot chocolate for extra fun )

Namibia – Wednesday-Friday, January 16-18, 2013
– bakesales during break and possibly a drive-by bakesale immediately after school on

Wednesday the 16th
– we will need to get this new bakesale method approved
– we will need informative posters and bulletin board
– also, we will have to send a message around to the homerooms on the 16th
– of course, we will also have announcements throughout of the week of

Homeroom – Wednesday, December 5, 2012
– Erica had volunteered to buy construction paper from the dollar store
– there are about 70 homerooms
– we will put the paper and a short introductory note of instructions in the teacher’s
mailboxes the Tuesday before
– Erica has also offered to go around during 4th block and collect any cards which are not
brought to Ms. Bouchard’s room

Turkey Teacher – We need to make thank-you cards for Louden Elementary School, Mr. Proulx, and
Ms. Halverson

Eliminate – Project Eliminate has reached the one-million dollar mark! We were a part of that 

Senior Santa – we will raise money and buy gifts for 4 senior citizens by holding two bakesales
– Thursday-Friday, December 6-7, 2012 we will sell
– Wednesday, December 12, 2012 we will walk down the street together and buy gifts
– Erica has written an announcement to air on December 3rd-7th
      Sara             Sugar cookies and Eggnog
      Erica           Oreo pops
      Elizabeth    Choco-chip cookies
      Abby          Brownies
      Bekah        Gingerbread

     Thursday    Friday
      Abby          Abby
      Sara            Sara
      Mariah       Mariah
      Bekah        Bekah

Scratch Tickets – still iffy as to whether we want to make the commitment. Research needs to be done
to find other possible programs to raise money for DCON and to see if the scratch ticket
thing has been productive in the past

General – we now have a form to help us manage/delegate duties for projects and publicity
– several contacts (including possible Blowout contacts) have been added to our gmail
account, and members should be adding their own to the list (
– Also, this is a reminder that the second and fourth meetings of the month are mandatory.

This means December 12th is our next mandatory meeting

The Next Meeting:
December 5, 2012
Dilan has volunteered to bring the snack

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Challange Penny War

The results from our Turkey Challenge Penny War!

The chase was truly Hilarious!!

Thank you to everyone who helped out!

November 17, 2012 Minutes

Hello everyone, sorry the minutes are going up so late...

November 17, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:43 pm

Mathmeet - we earned $30
Turkey Teacher - two more days left!
        - the money will go to the soup kitchen
Namibia - the bake sale has been postponed until the chaos of November has passed
Blowout - still don’t know date?
     - paperwork will be on gmail (
     - the business cards will be available next week
     - Big craft fair at Rumford School will be this Saturday. It is very important that someone attends
        the fair to recruit some of these venders 
Homeroom -need colored paper
       - will have the homerooms make cards for the troops
       - December 5th
Scratch Tickets - still need to order them?

The Next Meeting:
November 28th
Discuss scratch tickets for Convention more
Plan when we will have the Namibia fundraiser

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Please remember that we have the MATH MEET fund raiser tomorrow!!!! Bake/Make your goodies!!!

We really need your help!

Miss Bouchard

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 31, 2012 Minutes

KC Minutes:
October 31, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:48 pm


Halloween Bake Sale   
-     Continue it tomorrow, Thursday November 1st
-     So far we’ve made $33.75
-     Tomorrow at break: Mariah, Sara, Dillan, and Bekah

Turkey Teacher     -      Start next Monday, November 5th

         Sure: Ciarametaro, Howland, Proulx, Proctor, Jackson, Bergeron
         Iffy: Anderson, Glvin
         No Thanks: Radel
         ???: Kennedy, York, Pelletier, Halverson, Wood, Moge Tremblay, Hill, Smith

-      Sam may be able to donate a big turkey cut out to go by our table
-      We have buckets but someone needs to redecorate them by Monday
-      Someone needs to decorate the bulletin board in a Thanksgiving theme in order to promote our month-long fundraiser
-      Everyone should try to make flyers and post them around school in order to promote it
-      We also need one really good, big poster to go above the table

Tabling Schedule:
      November 5h
          A Lunch - Dillan, Sara, Mariah
          B Lunch - (Alex?)
          C Lunch - Jocelynn, Bekah, (Hannah?)
          D Lunch - Jordyn

      November 6th - 14th
          A Lunch - Dillan, David (except the 7th), Sara, Mariah
          B Lunch - David, (Alex?), (Sam?)
          C Lunch - David, Jocelynn, Bekah
          D Lunch - David, Jordyn

-      We will use a rolling-cart to transport the buckets which will be stored in Ms. Bouchard’s room before and after lunches
-      We got a chef suit!
-      The first three (M, T, W) days will be an elimination round to get it down to four contesting teams

-     We will fundraise via a 3-day bake sale November 14th-16th
-      As a club, we will make Muddy Buddies during the 14th’s meeting
-      We will ask Ms. Matteucci to write up an informative message about Namibia that we can use for the morning, afternoon, TV, and break announcements
-      Some of us will need to make poster in order to promote it (a big map?)
-      Our goal is $200
-      We need to get administrative permission for this event

-      Blank Card Drive
-      Care Packages
-      Holiday Handmade Cards
-      Via Ms. Woodard or Mr. Kenney?
-      Ideas for care package supplies: Beef jerky, hot sauce, salt and pepper, deodorant, etc

Math Meet        
-     Provide a meal for the many mathletes coming to MVHS next Wednesday,
November 7th

Food Chart:
Mac n' Cheese - Bekah, Sara, Erica
Lemondade - David
Brownies - Bekah, Sara, Jocelynn
Pasta Salad - Ms. Bouchard
Ants on a Log - Dillan

-      Dillan will pass it with Ms. Lewis
-      We still need to get administrative permission for this event

Winter Blowout   
-      We have it scheduled for March 9th, but we need it earlier than that in order to submit the payment for convention
-      We have business cards coming soon!

-      We will use the scratch ticket fundraiser in order to pay for it
-      That will begin December 1st
-      It will cost $200 for all of the scratch ticket forms. However, if fully completed, the profit will pay off the cost plus the required contributions to go to Convention

-      Idea for another Pray for Ambar fundraiser
-      Is it possible for her to join us in person?
-      Use this fundraiser as our Convention trifold again?

Important Notices: Unicef boxes are due next week! and The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month is going to be mandatory! and We need to have all of our Turkey Teachers nominees asked by this Friday at the latest!

The Next Meeting:
November 7th
Host a meal for the mathletes
(Before that) Talk more about Pray for Ambar, about drives for our troops, about Namibia, about the Winter Blowout, and about raising money for Convention
Mariah is scheduled to bring a snack

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 24, 2012 Minutes

October 24, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:46 pm.


Thanksgiving Penny War - November 5th-19th
 - Dress up the 20th
 - We got costumes!
 - Possible teams:
       Halverson & Proulx
       Tremblay & Hill
       Howland & Radel
       York & Anderson
       Galvin & Bergeron
       Wood & Moge
       Kennedy & Ciarametaro
       Jackson & Pelletier

Halloween Bake Sale - October 31st 
                  - Paige – sugar cookies
                  - Bekah – chocolate-covered pretzels
                  - Rosie – pumpkin cupcakes
                  - Mariah – pumpkin cookies
                  - Erica – Oreo pops
                  - Sara – witch’s broom cookies
                  - Alex – apple cider

Unicef - All boxes should be turned in by November 7th

Winter Blowout - business cards from Vistaprint ($5)

Halloween Photographers - take pictures of people at school on the 31st
    - give them the printed photos during 4th block the next day ($1)
    - upload to Facebook ($0.25)                                                                                    -  
    - turn our bulletin board into a scary backdrop (Jocelynn, Rosie, and Mariah are in charge of that)
    - when picture is taken we will need to record the person’s name, their 4th block, and picture #
    - Alex or Mariah will donate a camera
    - Jocelyn will drop the pictures off the next day

The Next Meeting:
October 31st
No one is scheduled to bring the snack, so someone should volunteer

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 17, 2012 Minutes

October 17, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:58 pm. 


10/11 Bakesale - we raised $65.86

Turkey Teacher - November 5th-19th 
                                   - costumes?  
                                   - containers?

Halloween Bake Sale - October 31st             

Unicef - All boxes should be turned in by November 7th

Winter Blowout - start collecting ideas for possible contacts any time
                  - revise our old flyer, info-sheet, and registration form. (Will be ready by next meeting)

                  - visit local fairs/events:
                              - Big Holiday Fair (Boscawen Old Home Day Committee) 
                              - Fair at Boscawen Town Hall 
                              - Webster Holiday Fair
                              - Salisbury Holiday Fair
                              - Loudon Fine Arts Show (Nov 2, 3, 4)
                              - Craft Fair at Everett Arena
                              - Hopkinton Craft Fair
                              - Covered Bridge Group Farmstand

General Bake Sales - try to do 3rd Thursday of every month 
                                - so that means the next one will be November 15th

Halloween Photographers - take pictures of people at school on the 31st
                                          - give them the printed photos during 4th block the next day, or upload to Facebook
                                          - turn our bulletin board into a scary backdrop (Jocelynn, Rosie, and Mariah are in charge of that)

Boscawen Big Holiday Fair - we need to see when this is and if we want to try to participate

The Next Meeting:

October 24th

Hannah is scheduled to bring the snack.

The last of the dues will be collected. 

Distribute paperwork for the Winter Blowout.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 3, 2012 Minutes

KC Minutes:
October 3, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:42 pm.

Open House - KC is not doing a table tonight.
10/11 Bake Sale - big introduce-Key Club bake sale
                         - make stickers for the bags
                         - next Thursday
                         - Jocelyn: muddy buddies
                         - Sara: peanut butter cookeis
                         - Bekah: sugar cookies (key-shaped)
                         - Erica: brownies
                         - Ms. Matteucci: cake pops? (need to ask her)
                         - Ms. Bouchard: blonde brownies
Dues - due by October 24th at the latest,
         - $10
Halloween Bake Sale - themed, October 31st
                                - Everyone: muddy buddies
                                - Erica: oreo pops
Unicef - Create-your-own-monster boxes this year! (Contest)
          - All boxes should be turned in by November 7th
Winter Blowout - start collecting ideas for possible contacts any time
                       - need a flyer and registration form
General Bake Sales - try to do 3rd Thursday of every month
Turkey Teacher - throughout November
                       - get costumes from LES?
                       - penny war set up, coins + paper -
                       - teams of two (turkey and chef)
Halloween Photographers - take pictures of people at school on the 31st
                                      - give them the printed photos during 4th block the next day, or upload to Facebook
                                      - turn our bulletin board into a scary backdrop (incorporate Key Club in there somehow)
Teacher Bunny in the spring
Relay for Life
Cake Auction

The Next Meeting:
October 10rd
Elizabeth is shcedule to bring the snack.
We will take pictures of our Unicef to send in for the contest.
Any dues will be collected.
Make a flyer and registration form for the Winter Blowout.
Make KC stickers for the bake sale

Monday, October 1, 2012

September 26, 2012 Minutes

KC Minutes:
September 26, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:45 pm.

Minutes - I upload the minutes on Facebook and email them to Ms. Bouchard to put on our blog. Anyone can log on at any time and check them out.
             - New members, ask Alex to add you to the Facebook group
Dues - due by October 24th at the latest,
         - $10
Homecoming Carnival - earned about $62!
Bulletin Board - collage (build as we go)
Open House - next week, October 3rd
                   - advisers busy, so it is all on us!
                   - 6:00-7:00 Sara,  Mariah
                     7:00-8:00 ???
Unicef - Create-your-own-monster boxes this year! (Contest)
          - Decorated them today!
          - All boxes should be turned in by November 7th

The Next Meeting:
October 3rd
Maddy will bring the snack.
We will take pictures of our Unicef boxes to send in for the contest.
Any dues will be collected.
We will create a collage tri-fold about KC to have at the table at Open House. The Open  house is Wednesday night.
Two people need to sign up for the 7-8 shift!

Notes: A reminder that our club email is Ask Ms. Bouchard for the password.
          Our blog is - subscribe and you will have any posts emailed to you automatically!
          The bulletin board still needs to be worked on.
          If anybody has any pictures, you should bring them in next week so that we can put them on the tri-fold. (Convention, Bell-Ringing, the Homecoming Carnival, etc - any thing, any year!)

Friday, September 21, 2012

September 19, 2012 Minutes

KC Minutes:
September 19, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:50 pm.

Dues - due by October 24th at the latest,
         - $10
Homecoming Carnival - tomorrow
                                - Ping-pong game approved
                                - Need people to bring a variety of clear glass/plastic containers
                                - Glow-sticks will be sold for 50 cents each
                                - Schedule: 5-6 Ms Bouchard, Rosie
                                                  6-7 Kate,
                                                  7-8 Alex, Bekah
                                                  8-9 Dillan, Erica
                                                  (Friends and drop-bys are welcome)
                                - Someone should try to bring a camera and take pictures
Unicef - Create-your-own-monster boxes this year! (Contest)
          - Begin fundraising next week
          - All boxes should be turned in by November 7th
Open House - October 4th
Winter Blowout - Start looking for contacts now
                       - Have a flyer established by the end of October
                       - Begin registration in November
                       - Confirm registered craft-people in December
                       - Advertise to the public in January
                       - The actual event will be held in February
Bracelets - tomorrow
               - Sell at break, lunch, and passing time
               - Pick then up from Ms. Bouchard's room in the morning
               - $2 each
Ideas - Frozen yogurt
         - Birthday Kits
         - Candy-grams
         - Chilli Cook-off
         - Local business advertising
         - Big chocolate Easter bunnies
         - Kiss Seniors goodbye (Hershey)
         - 30 sec Senior Farewells
         - Sporting event
         -  Friday movie night
         - Sell a Senior
         - Valentines Day/ Halloween/ Freshman dance
         - Turkey teacher

The Next Meeting:
September 26th
Erica will bring the snack.
We will work on our Unicef boxes and the bulletin board.
Any dues will be collected.
Mariah will run the meeting.
We may have a guest appearance by Sadie B. for her Senior Project.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 12, 2012 Minutes

September 12, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:48 pm.

Welcome new members.
Dues - $10
Project Eliminate - We will continue selling bracelets September 20th, Mariah will get approval to sell
Camp Sunshine - Alex read a letter about how our donation at convention was put to work
Open House - October 3rd, Mariah will get approval for a table
Bake Sale - ?
Homecoming - We will sell glowsticks at bonfire and dance (Sept 20th and 22nd), our carnival game for the bonfire will be Ping Pong Fish Bowl (we will sell at the dance if we are able to get approval)

The Next Meeting:
September 19th
Alex will bring the snack.
We must put together our carnival game for the next day.
Dues will begin being collected.

Friday, May 25, 2012

May 23, 2012 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:40

- June 6th, 4:30 to 7:30
- food:

Meal Food
Lasagna - Ms. Mattucci
Mac n'cheese - Erica
Garlic bread - Sara
Pasta salad - Elizabeth
Chili - Savanna 
Green salad - Sydney (?)
Fruit salad - Bekah
Guacamole - Ms. Bouchard
Meatball Subs - Matt

Desert Food
Cake - Sara
Cupcakes - Dillan
Layered Lemon Desert - Hannah
Cookies - Maddie

Paper products - Ms. Bouchard
Drinks - Alex and Anderea
Ice - Alex and Andrea
Coffee - Ms. Matteucci

- Basic plan: 
  • 4:30 Preparation
  • 5:00 Parents and guests arrive and serve themselves
  • Eat
  • Call to order (ring bell and say pledge)
  • Prize/game thing
  • Club awards
  • Induction of new officers
  • Another prize/game thing
  • Kiwanis Award
  • Big Event - Friday, 8th
  • 7:00 Any closing remarks and Thank-yous
  • Clean up
-invitees: Kiwanis Club of Concord president/other representative, Mrs Phillips and he family,, Dr. Jette and/or other admin, member's families...
- next week's meeting: make/assign awards, make center pieces, finalize plans

NOTE: it is very important that evey one who is going find out who they are bringing and report the umber to MS. Bouchard by Friday so that we can have a proper head count to plan with! RSVP or else!

Bicycle Safety Week: Posters were sorted and voted on, we have several winners.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 16, 2012 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:43.
12 members attended. 

Rock N Race
-Meet on the state house steps tomorrow from 5:00 to 5:45

Bike Safety Week 
-pick up posters from the elementary schools on friday

-date changed to Wednesday, June 6th (we will not change the at again)
-need to permission to the cafeteria from 4:30 to 7:30

Note: The next two meetings are mandatory!

Monday, May 14, 2012


KEY Clubbers!

Please remember we are selling Pride Day Passes this week during break!... Check Wed's minutes to see who signed up for when.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 9, 2012 Minutes

May 9 2012
Key Club Minutes
Meeting called to order at 2:40
14 members attended as well as Ms. Bouchard and Ms. Phillips
Kiwanis Carnival/Spring Fair:
May 18th, 19th, 20th 
Still need volunteers. So far we have Sara and Mariah on Sunday from noon-3pm, Matt on Saturday the from noon-3pm, and Chirag on Saturday from 3-7pm
Bike Safety Week:
Posters will be collected Friday May 18th.
They will be judged on the following Wednesday, the 23rd.
The will be twenty winners. A $10 gift card to Toys R Us will be provided for each. This is not coming from our account, rather the Kiwanis Club of Concord.
We will be having an end-of-the-year banquet, however our date has been changed again. Currently we have it planned for Wednesday May 30th at 5:00. This day may not work for everyone, please add a comment to this post with your objections/suggestions for the date. 
Families are invited. 
Eating starts at 5:00, but members should be there at 4:45 with food to set up. 
At next week’s meeting we will make center pieces and invitations.
Rock N Race:
Thursday May 17th 
Some people still need to register. Remember our teams name is "KEYs with Wings". Registering is really easy on their website. Fundraising is also really easy this year too. All you need is to email people and they donate on your page. There is no face-to-face begging for money required!
Pride Day:
Thursday may 17th 
Mariah got permission from Dr. Jette for the teacher Pride Day. However he wants there to be more organization and documentation than previous years.
We will sell the stickers on the 14th through 16th.
Monday: Alyssa and Hannah will tackle one floor at break, walking around to teachers. David, Matt, and Chirag will tackle the other floor.
Tuesday: Sara and Mariah will sell in guidance at break.
Wednesday: Sara and Mariah will sell in guidance at break. 
Stickers can be picked up from Ms. Bouchard Thursday and Friday and filled out at home. Then they will be sold next week for $2.
Mariah will design an announcement for just the morning for the remainder of this week, and for the morning, break, and afternoon of next week. 
Cards for Soldiers:
Create as many as you want in your own time. We will collect them Wednesday the 16th and make more at next week’s meeting and then send them in. 
Ambar Disla Family Support fund raisesr: 
We raised a total of $130.20 at Convention for Ambar and her family!  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to put together a blog to unify our KEY Club and keep everyone in the loop of what is going on... even if you can't make it to the meetings.

Please sign up to follow this blog through your e-mail. There is an appplication for this in the Left Column. Remember to check your e-mail often.

Miss Bouchard.