Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 3, 2012 Minutes

KC Minutes:
October 3, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:42 pm.

Open House - KC is not doing a table tonight.
10/11 Bake Sale - big introduce-Key Club bake sale
                         - make stickers for the bags
                         - next Thursday
                         - Jocelyn: muddy buddies
                         - Sara: peanut butter cookeis
                         - Bekah: sugar cookies (key-shaped)
                         - Erica: brownies
                         - Ms. Matteucci: cake pops? (need to ask her)
                         - Ms. Bouchard: blonde brownies
Dues - due by October 24th at the latest,
         - $10
Halloween Bake Sale - themed, October 31st
                                - Everyone: muddy buddies
                                - Erica: oreo pops
Unicef - Create-your-own-monster boxes this year! (Contest)
          - All boxes should be turned in by November 7th
Winter Blowout - start collecting ideas for possible contacts any time
                       - need a flyer and registration form
General Bake Sales - try to do 3rd Thursday of every month
Turkey Teacher - throughout November
                       - get costumes from LES?
                       - penny war set up, coins + paper -
                       - teams of two (turkey and chef)
Halloween Photographers - take pictures of people at school on the 31st
                                      - give them the printed photos during 4th block the next day, or upload to Facebook
                                      - turn our bulletin board into a scary backdrop (incorporate Key Club in there somehow)
Teacher Bunny in the spring
Relay for Life
Cake Auction

The Next Meeting:
October 10rd
Elizabeth is shcedule to bring the snack.
We will take pictures of our Unicef to send in for the contest.
Any dues will be collected.
Make a flyer and registration form for the Winter Blowout.
Make KC stickers for the bake sale

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