Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 30, 2013 Minutes

January 30, 2013

Winter Blowout – Here are the food volunteers…
Blueberry bread, Chicken Chile
Cupcakes, mac and cheese, soda
Ms. Matteucci
Lil’ bread loaves, meat balls (for subs), coffee maker
Muffins, fruit salad
Ham and cheese crescents?
Beef Chile
Rolls (for subs)
Taco something

– Raffle items due next Wednesday.

Volunteer to make/buy/look into
Wal-Mart or Target gift card
Movie Basket
Bread Basket
Ticket Basket
Ms. Bouchard
Jar Mixes
Ms. Boucahrd
(I think there were more, but I missed the end of that meeting…
Hopefully everyone who signed up for a raffle item can remember)

– Ms. Bouchard and Ms. Matteucci will provide jars for the raffle tickets and we already have plenty of tickets from last year

– 6:30 : Alex, Erica, David, Ms. Bouchard, and Ms. Matteucci are scheduled to arrive. Setup will begin

– 7:00 : Venders will begin to arrive. Sara, Katie, Dillan, Maddy, Alyssa, Hannah, Paige, and Mariah are scheduled to arrive.

– 9:00 : The Blowout will begin. We will need volunteers at the Concession stand, at the café, at the table, at the raffle table, selling raffle tickets, and running miscellaneous errands.

– 2:00 : The Blowout will end. Cleanup will begin.

– We still really need to get announcements on the radio and in the newspapers.

DCON – money due the week of February 11th
– We will decide how much we will each need to pay after totaling the profits of the Blowout
– We will also need to decide how much we want to donate to the district projects

The Next Meeting:
Raffle items are due.
We will make plywood road signs.
David is scheduled to bring the snack.
February 6, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 23, 2013 Minutes

January 23, 2013

Meeting called to order at 2:43 pm


Officers – elections will be held February 13th
– the positions that need filling are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicist Chair
– inaugurations will be after Convention and we will have a small ceremony with parents at the end-of-the-year banquet
– if you are interested in running, prepare a short, casual spiel telling everyone why

DCON – the Kiwanis Club of Concord donated $700 to District Convention
– if you are interested, be prepared to decide by next meeting
– the weekend is April 5th-7th
– we need a committee to work on a trifold
– not everyone will be able to attend (we do have a limit financially and space-wise)

Blowout – we have over twenty venders
– venders will be in the gym
– food will be sold out of the concession stand
– Mr. Kenney’s room will the cafe
– our raffle table will be in the hallway
– we will need name tags and signs for the raffle table, our yard sale table, and the café
– we also need raffle items and donations! As many as possible J
– table cloths and paper supplies will also be needed for the café
– here are the volunteering positions that need to be filled the day of

Concession Stand                                      
Raffle Table                                    
Raffle Tickets
Yard Sale Table

– here are the signups for advertising from that day before vacation
Location                    Volunteer(s)                       Completed?
Newspapers              Jocelyn and Katie
Main Street                 Alyssa and Hannah                    X
Radio Stations             Erica
Penacook                   Hannah and Katie
Loudon                         Sara and Erica
School                         Sara                                            X
Boscawen                    Sydney and Elizabeth
Webster                         Savanna
Hockey Rinks              Bekah
Gymnastics                   Alyssa and Hannah
Karate                       Katie
Bow Field House       Hannah
Outlets                       Bekah
Manchester Street          Chirag
Dos Amigos                 Ms. Bouchard
Fort Eddy Road           Alyssa, Hannah, and Katie
Salisbury                    David
Craigslist                         Ms. Bouchard                           X
CFC                           Alyssa
Health and Human Services Erica

– Here are some raffle items we have thought of so far
Item                                                         Volunteer to make/buy/look into
Wal-Mart or Target gift card                 Mariah
Movie Basket                                       Erica
Bread Basket                                         Sara
Ticket Basket                                    Bekah
Quilt                                                        Ms. Bouchard
Jar Mixes                                                Ms. Boucahrd   (Cookies)

The Next Meeting: 
Everyone try really hard to attend! We have a lot to talk about.
No one is scheduled to bring a snack, so if someone wants to step up, they should
January 30, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 9, 2013 Minutes

KC Minutes:
January 9, 2013

Meeting called to order at 2:43 pm

Namibia – Nix the make-our-own baggie idea (just package your own cookies)
– After school muddy buddies for next Tuesday is all set
– Muddy Buddy Volunteers: Bekah, Alex, Erica, Chirag, Savannah, Jocelyn, Sydney, and Alyssa
– Concession Stand Volunteers: Sara, Mariah, Abby, Chirag
– Drive-by Volunteers: Sara, Mariah, Katie, Erica, Paige, Alex, Bekah
– Tuesday
Ham & cheese crescent rolls, whip cream, hot chocolate mix
Choco chip muffins
Blueberry muffins
Ms. Bouchard
Pumpkin muffins, cups, marshmellows
Ms. Matteucci
Sugar & spice popcorn, coffee maker
Little cinnamon donuts
– Wednesday, overflow and muddy buddies
– Thursday, over flow and…
Choco chip cookies
White choco-covered oreos
Ms. Matteucci
Milk choco-covered oreos
Ms. Bouchard
Blonde brownies

Winter Blowout – We need to get message out via… radio, newspapers, TV announcements, morning announcements, report card insert, school website, school newsletter
– We need to get flyers up around… the school, the soup kitchen, the elementary schools, the town libraries, the middle school, the concord shops
– Eric is checking with the Bow Police Explorers
– It looks like we are going to have 10+ venders not counting ourselves
– Raffle item ideas: movie baskets (genre-based), tickets (Palace Theater, Red River Theater, Regal Cinemas), gift cards (restaurants, itunes), quilts (Ms. A’s mom, Erica), jewelry, services (tanning membership, spring cleanup), bread baskets (with cheese or jam), cookie mix jars
– We will have coloring pages and kids’ activities in the corner
– Volunteer signups and make nametags on January 23’s meeting
– For music we will need a playlist (and it would be cool to have some sort of live music)
Convention – David and Katie might enter the artistic poster contest
We will use our Namibia fundraiser for our project trifold
– Erica might enter the essay contest   

The Next Meeting: (not counting next Tuesday)
January 16, 2013
Hannah is signed up for bringing a snack