Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 31, 2012 Minutes

KC Minutes:
October 31, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:48 pm


Halloween Bake Sale   
-     Continue it tomorrow, Thursday November 1st
-     So far we’ve made $33.75
-     Tomorrow at break: Mariah, Sara, Dillan, and Bekah

Turkey Teacher     -      Start next Monday, November 5th

         Sure: Ciarametaro, Howland, Proulx, Proctor, Jackson, Bergeron
         Iffy: Anderson, Glvin
         No Thanks: Radel
         ???: Kennedy, York, Pelletier, Halverson, Wood, Moge Tremblay, Hill, Smith

-      Sam may be able to donate a big turkey cut out to go by our table
-      We have buckets but someone needs to redecorate them by Monday
-      Someone needs to decorate the bulletin board in a Thanksgiving theme in order to promote our month-long fundraiser
-      Everyone should try to make flyers and post them around school in order to promote it
-      We also need one really good, big poster to go above the table

Tabling Schedule:
      November 5h
          A Lunch - Dillan, Sara, Mariah
          B Lunch - (Alex?)
          C Lunch - Jocelynn, Bekah, (Hannah?)
          D Lunch - Jordyn

      November 6th - 14th
          A Lunch - Dillan, David (except the 7th), Sara, Mariah
          B Lunch - David, (Alex?), (Sam?)
          C Lunch - David, Jocelynn, Bekah
          D Lunch - David, Jordyn

-      We will use a rolling-cart to transport the buckets which will be stored in Ms. Bouchard’s room before and after lunches
-      We got a chef suit!
-      The first three (M, T, W) days will be an elimination round to get it down to four contesting teams

-     We will fundraise via a 3-day bake sale November 14th-16th
-      As a club, we will make Muddy Buddies during the 14th’s meeting
-      We will ask Ms. Matteucci to write up an informative message about Namibia that we can use for the morning, afternoon, TV, and break announcements
-      Some of us will need to make poster in order to promote it (a big map?)
-      Our goal is $200
-      We need to get administrative permission for this event

-      Blank Card Drive
-      Care Packages
-      Holiday Handmade Cards
-      Via Ms. Woodard or Mr. Kenney?
-      Ideas for care package supplies: Beef jerky, hot sauce, salt and pepper, deodorant, etc

Math Meet        
-     Provide a meal for the many mathletes coming to MVHS next Wednesday,
November 7th

Food Chart:
Mac n' Cheese - Bekah, Sara, Erica
Lemondade - David
Brownies - Bekah, Sara, Jocelynn
Pasta Salad - Ms. Bouchard
Ants on a Log - Dillan

-      Dillan will pass it with Ms. Lewis
-      We still need to get administrative permission for this event

Winter Blowout   
-      We have it scheduled for March 9th, but we need it earlier than that in order to submit the payment for convention
-      We have business cards coming soon!

-      We will use the scratch ticket fundraiser in order to pay for it
-      That will begin December 1st
-      It will cost $200 for all of the scratch ticket forms. However, if fully completed, the profit will pay off the cost plus the required contributions to go to Convention

-      Idea for another Pray for Ambar fundraiser
-      Is it possible for her to join us in person?
-      Use this fundraiser as our Convention trifold again?

Important Notices: Unicef boxes are due next week! and The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month is going to be mandatory! and We need to have all of our Turkey Teachers nominees asked by this Friday at the latest!

The Next Meeting:
November 7th
Host a meal for the mathletes
(Before that) Talk more about Pray for Ambar, about drives for our troops, about Namibia, about the Winter Blowout, and about raising money for Convention
Mariah is scheduled to bring a snack

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