Friday, March 29, 2013

March 27, 2013 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:43

Convention – April 5th-7th
– dress nicely!
 – there are two dances (one semi-formal and one casual)
 – curfew is midnight (they are serious about it!)
 – don’t forget to tip housekeeping about $10 per room
 – they provide a lunch Saturday and Sunday
 – the theme this year is “dive into service”
 – bring plenty of spending money (cash) and snacks
 – the delegates will be Sydney and Renee, back-up delegates Paige and Hannah
Bakesales – we raised about $120
Penny War – we’ve raised over $400!
Namibia – the bracelets and trifold are coming along nicely
– we will sell them for $3 each
– we will make another batch next week
Publicist – we will elect a new publicity chair in a nice, casual, informal election next week 
GSA – the Gay-Straight Alliance for aide in this years’ day of silence

The Next Meeting:
April , 2013
No one is scheduled to bring a snack, so anyone feel free!

March 6, 2013 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:44

Convention – April 5th-7th
– we will work on the Namibia trifold next week (need Ms. Matteucci there)
– we got approval for all 16 to go!
March 7th-8th Bakesale – Food volunteers:
Ham $ cheese rolls
Cinnamon bread
Coffee cake
Powdered donuts
– We will also have hot chocolate makings left over from the Winter Blowout
– profits go to the NE District projects
Winter Carnival Muddy Buddy Sale – we will make muddy buddies after school next Wednesday
– we will sell them after the pep rally on Friday the 15th
– Sara and Dillan will cover the front entrance
– Abby and Erica will cover the side entrance
– Alex and Bekah will cover the library entrance
– we need to get a cool announcement for Mr. Neilson to say at the end of the pep rally
– profits go to the NE District projects
March 19th-21st Bakesale – Food Volunteers
Oreo cupcakes
Chocolate chip cookies
Ms. Bouchard
Chocolate-covered stuff
– We will also have popcorn and candy left over from the Winter Blowout
– profits go to NE District projects
Winter Carnival Penny War – March 11th-15th
– we will have the jars at lunches, at break, at the dance, and at the beginning of the pep rallies
– coin will add points, dollars will take away
– it will be a contest between the classes
– we will need announcements in the morning, at break, and during the pep rally
– will the winning class earn real winter carnival points? (we need to ask Ms. Constant)
– profits go the NE District projects
Winter Blowout – the club approved any action judged by Ms. Bouchard necessary to divide and get rid
of the left-over donations.
Namibia – we will make paracord bracelets to sell during convention
– for supplies we need buttons and cord
– we will make them the meetings of the 20th, the 27th, and the 3rd
– Katie, Dillan, and Ms. Bouchard know how to weave them
– we will use the colors of the Namibia flag (green, blue, red, and yellow)

The Next Meeting:
March 13, 2013
Half of the group will make Muddy Buddies.
The other half will work on the Namibia trifold
No one is scheduled to bring a snack, so anyone feel free!

February 6, 2012 Minutes

Winter Blowout – POSTPONED to February 16th!
– need to re-contact vendors and radio/newspapers
– take advantage of this to put out more flyers! Some towns are not covered.
– need to change all flyers already up with the date change
Officers – the next meeting is mandatory for voting
– tell Ms. Bouchard if you are interested in running
– the positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicist chair
– we really need donations for our table!
DCON – money and medical forms due Wednesday the 13th
– make checks out to MHVS KEY Club
– we estimate $75 now, but any difference will be refunded after the Winter Blowout
– we will also need to decide how much we want to donate to the district projects
– everyone who wants to go has to tell Ms. Bouchard by this Friday (February 8th) (we possibly won’t be in school due to weather so take that into account. Her email is
– pick up your medical form from Ms. Bouchard at break
– be warned, not everyone will be able to go!
– we will do room assignments on Wednesday the 20th
Namibia – our total earnings from the Namibia bake sales was $125

The Next Meeting:
We will vote for next year’s officers.
Money and forms for DCON will be due.
Raffle items will be due.
We will make plywood road signs.
Bekah is scheduled to bring the snack.
February 13, 2013