Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 30, 2013 Minutes

January 30, 2013

Winter Blowout – Here are the food volunteers…
Blueberry bread, Chicken Chile
Cupcakes, mac and cheese, soda
Ms. Matteucci
Lil’ bread loaves, meat balls (for subs), coffee maker
Muffins, fruit salad
Ham and cheese crescents?
Beef Chile
Rolls (for subs)
Taco something

– Raffle items due next Wednesday.

Volunteer to make/buy/look into
Wal-Mart or Target gift card
Movie Basket
Bread Basket
Ticket Basket
Ms. Bouchard
Jar Mixes
Ms. Boucahrd
(I think there were more, but I missed the end of that meeting…
Hopefully everyone who signed up for a raffle item can remember)

– Ms. Bouchard and Ms. Matteucci will provide jars for the raffle tickets and we already have plenty of tickets from last year

– 6:30 : Alex, Erica, David, Ms. Bouchard, and Ms. Matteucci are scheduled to arrive. Setup will begin

– 7:00 : Venders will begin to arrive. Sara, Katie, Dillan, Maddy, Alyssa, Hannah, Paige, and Mariah are scheduled to arrive.

– 9:00 : The Blowout will begin. We will need volunteers at the Concession stand, at the café, at the table, at the raffle table, selling raffle tickets, and running miscellaneous errands.

– 2:00 : The Blowout will end. Cleanup will begin.

– We still really need to get announcements on the radio and in the newspapers.

DCON – money due the week of February 11th
– We will decide how much we will each need to pay after totaling the profits of the Blowout
– We will also need to decide how much we want to donate to the district projects

The Next Meeting:
Raffle items are due.
We will make plywood road signs.
David is scheduled to bring the snack.
February 6, 2013

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