Friday, March 29, 2013

March 6, 2013 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:44

Convention – April 5th-7th
– we will work on the Namibia trifold next week (need Ms. Matteucci there)
– we got approval for all 16 to go!
March 7th-8th Bakesale – Food volunteers:
Ham $ cheese rolls
Cinnamon bread
Coffee cake
Powdered donuts
– We will also have hot chocolate makings left over from the Winter Blowout
– profits go to the NE District projects
Winter Carnival Muddy Buddy Sale – we will make muddy buddies after school next Wednesday
– we will sell them after the pep rally on Friday the 15th
– Sara and Dillan will cover the front entrance
– Abby and Erica will cover the side entrance
– Alex and Bekah will cover the library entrance
– we need to get a cool announcement for Mr. Neilson to say at the end of the pep rally
– profits go to the NE District projects
March 19th-21st Bakesale – Food Volunteers
Oreo cupcakes
Chocolate chip cookies
Ms. Bouchard
Chocolate-covered stuff
– We will also have popcorn and candy left over from the Winter Blowout
– profits go to NE District projects
Winter Carnival Penny War – March 11th-15th
– we will have the jars at lunches, at break, at the dance, and at the beginning of the pep rallies
– coin will add points, dollars will take away
– it will be a contest between the classes
– we will need announcements in the morning, at break, and during the pep rally
– will the winning class earn real winter carnival points? (we need to ask Ms. Constant)
– profits go the NE District projects
Winter Blowout – the club approved any action judged by Ms. Bouchard necessary to divide and get rid
of the left-over donations.
Namibia – we will make paracord bracelets to sell during convention
– for supplies we need buttons and cord
– we will make them the meetings of the 20th, the 27th, and the 3rd
– Katie, Dillan, and Ms. Bouchard know how to weave them
– we will use the colors of the Namibia flag (green, blue, red, and yellow)

The Next Meeting:
March 13, 2013
Half of the group will make Muddy Buddies.
The other half will work on the Namibia trifold
No one is scheduled to bring a snack, so anyone feel free!

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