Friday, March 29, 2013

March 27, 2013 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:43

Convention – April 5th-7th
– dress nicely!
 – there are two dances (one semi-formal and one casual)
 – curfew is midnight (they are serious about it!)
 – don’t forget to tip housekeeping about $10 per room
 – they provide a lunch Saturday and Sunday
 – the theme this year is “dive into service”
 – bring plenty of spending money (cash) and snacks
 – the delegates will be Sydney and Renee, back-up delegates Paige and Hannah
Bakesales – we raised about $120
Penny War – we’ve raised over $400!
Namibia – the bracelets and trifold are coming along nicely
– we will sell them for $3 each
– we will make another batch next week
Publicist – we will elect a new publicity chair in a nice, casual, informal election next week 
GSA – the Gay-Straight Alliance for aide in this years’ day of silence

The Next Meeting:
April , 2013
No one is scheduled to bring a snack, so anyone feel free!

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