Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 18, 2013 Minutes

Key Club Minutes
September 18, 2013

Meeting called to order at 2:42

  • Chart passed around to sign up
  • Reminders on Facebook

Clothes Donations:
  • Appropriate clothes that are clean for the nurses office because their supply is running low
  • Bin in Mrs. Bouchard's room

Mrs. Phillips:
  • Chirag took in 1400 dollars in the Kiwanis Car

Agree to Volunteer:
  • People that volunteer most will go to convention (not everyone can go; about 15 can go; officers get first dibs)
  • Stand by your agreement to volunteer
  • Find someone to fulfill it/ Tell someone if you can't make it
  • If things are needed, go through Mrs. Cote's room to get to Mrs. Bouchard's room

Email list:
  • Everyone can communicate
  • We need lots of talking

  • 7 and 3 goes to NE or National District
  • 5 is seed money for our club
  • Needed by October 9, 2013 (Early Bird Dues)

Penny War:
  • Didn't happen
  • Set up table at remaining football games
  • Give winning class 25 percent of the profits

Football Games Concessions Assistance (6 o'clock arrival time)
  • September 27- Sydney and Casey and Lexus
  • October 11- Alyssa and Molly and Lindsay
  • October 18- Katie and Raimee and Virginia

Fundraiser Idea:
  • Pumpkin farm donator
  • Paint them colorful with faces, images,
  • Sell at game for 5-10 bucks
  • Places to get pumpkins
    • Agway
    • Meadow ledge Apple Orchard
    • Marshall's (Boscawen)
  • Committee for communicating (prices, discounts)
    • Carly Colby
    • Emily Stearns
    • Alyssa
Penny/Pumpkin Table
  • September 27- Benji and Connor
  • October 11- Elizabeth and Maddy
  • October 18- Paige

Suitcases for Children:
  • Suitcase drive to collect for the foster children
  • Donations to go buy suitcases
  • Many foster kids in our district
  • Committee for communicating
    • Sydney
    • Paige
    • Katie
    • Raimee
    • Kim

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